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Technical Writing of Frank Farm

Adobe Systems, Inc.

This section links to some samples of my technical writing done at Adobe Systems, Inc., where I worked for 7 years. For all of these documents, the audience is users of Adobe software.

Adobe Knowledgebase Documents

  1. Resolve problems connecting to the Adobe website
  2. Error or unexpected behavior occurs when you download a file
  3. Troubleshoot problems that occur when you download files from Adobe Online Services
  4. Alert "Server returned extended information" or "FTP Error 530" when you download files from the Adobe FTP site
  5. Choosing either the .bin or .hqx format for downloaded files
  6. Error "...not a valid Win32 application" occurs when you open a downloaded file
  7. Filename contains underscore when downloaded from Adobe site with Internet Explorer
  8. Error "Zip file is damaged..." When Double-Clicking a File Downloaded from Adobe's FTP or Web Site
  9. Error "Corrupt cabinet file" When Downloading a File
  10. Introduction to downloading files from the Adobe website
  11. Introduction to downloading files in Mac OS
  12. Introduction to downloading files in Windows
  13. Resolving an unstable Internet connection to the Adobe website or FTP site
  14. Resolving damaged downloads

Adobe Downloads Documents

In addition to writing over 200 knowledgebase documents, I also wrote or edited technical descriptions for over 800 downloadable files in the Downloads section of the Adobe website. These included files such as Illustrator and Photoshop plug-ins, PageMaker filters, tryout applications, printer drivers, tutorial files, software updates, and more.

This was challenging work because software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and product managers would often submit descriptions that weren't written from a customer's perspective. For example, when writing installation instructions, they would leave out key information or entire steps that -- to them -- were obvious. Or, they might accurately describe how to install the file, but they'd neglect to say exactly what the downloaded file accomplished (!). For several years, I was the only person at Adobe whose job was to ensure that customers had a trouble-free download experience.

  1. Adobe Photoshop 5.0.2 Update
  2. PostScript Printing Files Update (April 1998) -- English
  3. QuarkXPress Converter 3.01
  4. PPD Files: Hewlett-Packard
  5. Adobe GoLive 4.0 to 4.0.1 Update for Mac OS - English
  6. Plug-Ins for Acrobat 4.0 for Mac OS - Japanese


Adobe and Adobe's customers have been enjoying the benefits of my skills for years. If you're an employer in need of technical writing, wouldn't you like to be able to say the same for you and your customers?

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